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Value-Added Producer Grants (VAPG)


Origin Farms Consulting can assist with grant writing for VAPG grants. Value-Added Producer Grants (VAPG grants) are awarded annually by USDA Rural Development to independent producers, eligible farm cooperatives and other agricultural organizations. Grant funds are for use in planning activities and for working capital to help market value-added products made from products they produce on the farm such as milk, crops or livestock. Funding from VAPG grants help producers develop farm-related businesses that add value to their basic agricultural products. Value must be added through processing, product differentiation, commodity segregation, on-farm energy production, labeling and certification, and local and regional food marketing.

Grant types and amounts available: Producers can apply for planning grants to assist in the development of economic planning documents such as a feasibility study or for working capital grants which are used to grow the operations of an existing value-added venture. Maximum award amounts for planning grants is $100,000 while the maximum for working capital grants is $300,000

A competitive process: In 2012, the USDA awarded 298 VAPG grants with total funding equaling $40.2 million. In 2013, funding was cut to just under $17 million and less than 25% of the project applications were funded.  Despite these cutbacks, nine of Origin Farms’ grant applications were awarded funding on behalf of our producer clients for both planning and working capital grants in 2013.

Origin Farms Consulting can help: At Origin Farms, we have an excellent track record of helping our clients obtain grant awards. While the grant-writing process must be a cooperative effort, we can bring our expertise to the table to provide guidance and direction throughout the application process. You provide the background information and data and leave the grant paperwork to us. Please feel free to contact us at Origin Farms to discuss our grant-writing services.

Questions? See our VAPG-Frequently Asked Questions page page for more information on VAPG grants and how Origin Farms Consulting can help you apply for a USDA VAPG grant.

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